Hack School for Women / Sonar


28.05.2014 - 12:48
Learn to Hack Web Audio API with G.Hack

G.Hack is not only organizing at Sónar+D the Women Hackers round table. Also presents a workshop in which participants will learn about the culture of software and hardware hacking through short demos and examples, before moving on to using Web Audio API straight through their Google Chrome web browser! The Web Audio API is a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications. It includes capabilities found in modern game audio engines and some mixing, processing and filtering tasks found in modern desktop audio production applications.

Participants will use this API to build simple synths and combine them with other musical feature extraction APIs to make some cool hacks! Aimed at women beginners with no previous programming experience, though all levels are welcome.

G.Hack (QML, London, UK) is an art and technology lab founded in 2011 by female researchers from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London (QML), with the aim to provide a supportive learning environment in which skills sharing, interdisciplinary collaboration and hands on experimental production can take place. After noticing the low number of female hackers at Music Hack Days, they decide to put together the following team of G.Hackers to teach female attendees of Sónar 2014 some fun hacking skills (and encourage them to participate in future Music Hack Days):

Nela Brown, Chair of G.Hack, doctoral student at QML's Cognitive Science Research group, award winning sound artist, musician, technologist and leader.

Katerina Kosta, doctoral student at QML's Centre for Digital Music, mathematician, pianist and hacker, researching dynamic variations in expressive music performance.

Magdalena Chudy, doctoral student at QML's Centre for Digital Music, computer scientist and professional cellist researching performer-dependent aspects of musical timbre.

Patrizia Carlota, QML Drama Department alumni, performance maker, production manager, researcher and committee member of VivArtista and ISCaD.

Pre-registration is required.
Interested people, please write to: jaumer.colomer [arroba] sonar.es" rel="nofollow">jaume.colomer [arroba] sonar.es
Date: Thursday 12th, 13.00 – 16.00h
Place: Sala 4
Duration: 3 hours
What to bring: laptop, headphones, latest version of Chrome internet browser installed.

Please take note this activity is offered in English only.