Stork (pleroma-bot): Mirror your favorite Twitter accounts in the Fediverse

Mirror your favorite Twitter accounts in the Fediverse, so you can follow their updates from the comfort of your favorite instance. Or migrate your own to the Fediverse using a Twitter archive.

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Mastodon Pleroma Misskey
Mastodon Pleroma Misskey


  • Can parse a Twitter archive, moving all your tweets to the Fediverse
  • Retrieves latest tweets and posts them on the Fediverse account
    • Can filter out RTs
    • Can filter out replies
  • Media retrieval and upload of multiple attachments
    •  Video
    •  Images
    •  Animated GIFs
  •  Polls
  • Update Fediverse profile info based on the Twitter account
    • Display name
    • Profile picture
    • Banner image
    • Bio text
  • Customize Fediverse account's metadata fields (e.g. point to the original Twitter account)


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