Accessible-Coconut (AC)


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14.09.2021 - 12:13

Welcome to the community driven GNU/Linux operating system which is completely accessible for persons with visual impairment. AC is derived from Ubuntu-MATE. Yes, the goal is to make a free and open-source eyes free desktop environment.


Accessible-Coconut comes with all software we have developed and many popular and beautiful free software. 

Screen reader

provides alternative access to the desktop by using speech synthesis and Braille.

Math tutor

For developing math skills in a playful way.

Musical instrument

Play musical instruments using the keyboard of the computer.

Print reading

Facility to read printed books using a scanner in almost all the major languages in the world including English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, etc

Editing suits

Accessible audio and video editing solutions

Disk management

Accessible disk management solutions

Six key input

Type text in any text field using only six keys of the keyboard with Braille knowledge in a Perkins Brailler mode.

Media conversion

Multimedia converter with batch file conversion support which can convert to more than 100 different formats.

Keyboard shortcuts

Easy life making keyboard shortcuts for many facilities including recognizing screenshot, knowing battery status, controlling brightness, etc

Typing tutor

Improve typing skill in different languages of the world in a playful way.


Screen Magnification facilitys.

Console (TTY) screenreader

Screen reader for making Linux Console Accessible

Chess game

Play chess with a computer without any barrier of sightlessness.

Ebook speaker

Read electronic books in various formats including epub, pdf, text, etc.


Comes with LibreOffice which includes the applications Writer, Calc and Impress.


play books in daisy format.

Connect Smartphone

Connect smartphones and share clipboard, data, control media player, etc using KDE-Connect.

Basic software

Many basic daily living software including Firefox, Chrome, VLC media player, Artha offline English dictionary, Pidgin internet messenger, Thunderbird email client, etc.


Features inherited from Debian GNU/Linux

Accessible-Coconut is based on Ubuntu-Mate which is based on Debian GNU/Linux operating system. So following are the features inherited.

Linux Kernel

Uses Linux kernel which is the best and most secure Kernel available in the world.

Stability and Reliability

GNU/Linux systems are widely known for their stability and reliability, many GNU/Linux servers on the Internet have been running for years without failure or even being restarted.

No Virus-Antivirus games

GNU/Linux is designed with concepts of file permissions, user privileges, etc which makes Anti-virus irrelevant.

Driver support

Most hardware is already supported by the Linux kernel. Proprietary drivers for hardware are available when the free software is not sufficient.

User control the system

It won’t do any actions without permission of user, such as automatic update, restart, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any doubts regarding Accessible-Coconut, feel free to connect with our community. Before making any query please go through the FAQ.

Connect with AC community

If you have any queries, bug to report, or suggestions regarding Accessible-Coconut, there are plenty of experts including developers in our groups. You will get answers to your queries instantly or within 24 hours. Also we will consider your valuable suggestions and bug reports. Feel free to discuss anything.