Under the Radar: The Contribution of Civil Society and Third Sector Organisations to eInclusion


Os envío un report publicado por la Comisión Europea en el cual se hace referencia a Donestech. El report intenta aclarar que es el tercer sector y de que maneras la sociedad civil y las organizaciones sin animo de lucro contribuyen al desarrollo de iniciativas de inclusión digital, inclusión social, así como al desarrollo mismo de tecnologías.


Under the Radar: The Contribution of Civil Society and Third Sector Organisations to eInclusion: http://ipts.jrc.ec.europa.eu/publications/pub.cfm?id=4339

DG Information Society and Media, Unit H3 (ICT for Inclusion) asked the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS)3 to carry out specific research work to support the implementation of the eInclusion goals and the more recent Digital Agenda for Europe goals on digital literacy, skills and Inclusion.
With a view to understanding better how EU-third sector synergies could be strengthened in favour of the eInclusion process and given the scarcity of data available about the structure, characteristics, needs and challenges of civil society and Third Sector Organisations, JRC-IPTS carried out the exploratory research on which this report is based to shed some light on the above questions. 

The study starts by analysing the European policy framework for the third sector, and clarifies the nature and specificities of the civil society and TSO activities and their contribution to social innovation. It analyses TSOs’ contribution to eInclusion objectives and makes an attempt to classify the different types of TSO from this perspective, providing many inspiring examples of TSO actions. Finally, it proposes some policy options to support and further develop the role this sector plays in achieving eInclusion goals, in the light of the recent Digital Agenda for Europe.