PyLadies_BCN: Home and cleaning automation with Microcontrollers and CircuitPython


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18.05.2021 - 11:14


For many years, people have been filling their home with devices that are based on Microcontrollers, like virtual assistants, smart fridges, washing machines, security systems, and many others that can be either programmable, or even replicated with a couple of boards and our Python knowledge.

During this activity, we will start exploring CircuitPython without the need of a physical device, using a microcontroller emulator. If you are new to the microcontroller world, don’t worry, we will have an introduction to the main concepts, so we have the base knowledge to start doing little experiments by ourselves.

After the introduction, you will be able to start programming microcontrollers using the emulator, and later you will see a couple of real projects (with real devices!) that could easily be replicated by yourself: a movement-detector, a low-cost robot cleaner, and a plant watering and monitoring system.

Recommended installation before the event:
Step 1:
Step 2:

Speaker: Maria Jose Molina
Level: Beginner
Language: English/Spanish