Lelacoders presenta en FLOSSIE 2012 - Londres


25.05.2012 - 12:58
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Flossie has its roots in social change movements as well as arts, technology and academia so whether you code, tinker, or just want to explore alternatives to ‘big-tech’ corporations, all women are welcome. women-computers Click the ‘join’ button on the right to start following the discussion.

Flossie 2012 is an event for women who use or would like to use FLOSS in:

  • digital arts
  • social innovation
  • open data and knowledge management
  • research, education and open access
  • open culture

We’ll be coming together at Flossie 2012 on 25/26 May 2012 at QMUL across boundaries of discipline and sector to share what we’ve been doing, our ideas, skills and experience.

Flossie 2012 collective:

Paula Graham, Fossbox CIC; Becky Stewart, Codasign; Nela Brown, G.Hack; Kate Lomax, e-learning London Deanery

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