Lelacoders presenta en el Sonar+D / 12Junio


28.05.2014 - 12:50
Àmbits de Treball: 
Ciberfeminism, hacktivism, open culture and free tech education

G.Hack is a collective of female researchers within the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. The group is focused on sharing knowledge and developing interactive media projects. At Sónar+D they will present “Women Hackers”, a panel with inspirational women founders, leaders, researchers and advocates of cyberfeminism, hacktivism, open culture and free tech education.

Thursday 12 | Stage+D1 |  16.45 - 17.45

Panel consist of:

Nela Brown, Chair of G.Hack, doctoral student at Queen Mary University of London Cognitive Science Research group, award winning sound artist, musician, technologist and leader.
Alex Haché, member of Dones Tech a group of Social Research dedicated to creating digital content, media production and communication. Haché is doctor of economy, cyberfeminist, hacktivist, developer of technopolitical projects, researcher of ICT for public good.
Klau Kinki, part of pechblenda LAB, an experimental laboratory where learning arises from raw experimentation and the self-formation where free knowledge emerges.
Amélie Anglade, member of OpenTechSchool  a movement aiming to offer free tech education. Co-founder of Hackership, a full-time 3-month hacker school programme located in Berlin and based on the values of OpenTechSchool. Her work focuses on supporting hackers of all backgrounds to learn and grow, and also she does music information retrieval and recommendation for a living. She presents herself as a music hacker at heart.

Please take note this activity is offered in English only.