InDICEs Bootcamp: Exploring the Future of Cultural Heritage Through Data

Àmbits de Treball

23 Nov - 24 Nov Barcelona


The InDICEs Bootcamp will bring together professionals and practitioners working at the intersection of data, digitization and cultural heritage to explore and experiment with how data can impact and inform the future of digital cultural heritage. Together with DigitalFems, CIMA, the Europeana Steering Committee, Tecnopolítica/UOC, Wikimedians and various actors from GLAM institutions, four Flash Task Forces with up to 8 participants will work on different thematic areas from gender inequality in CHIs to digital participation in the GLAMs sector and the use of data in participatory culture.


The inDICEs bootcamp will take place the 23-24 of november in Barcelona at the Canòdrom. It will be a dynamic event with both hands-on activities as well as keynotes and workshops. Invited speakers will share their expertise to develop research hypotheses to imagine the future of how digital, cultural and data can support a more plural, innovative and egalitarian platform for cultural heritage. Based on these hypotheses, Flash Task Forces will work on the collection, analysis and visualization of data as cultural assets. In addition, the bootcamp will also present the InDICEs Open Observatory to a wider audience to share its objectives and create new networks for a greater public engagement around digital cultural heritage. 



Remote Participation

🕹️Remote Participation in the InDICEs Bootcamp in Barcelona November 2021

Phase 1: Hypothesis Design

Participants will develop a hypothesis to post on the platform that they will then use to create an accessible data narrative. 

How the Hypothesis is structured on the platform:

Once a Hypothesis is posted participants can comment, support and amend their Hypothesis on the platform. 

⏱️ 1 Week before the bootcamp

A space for discussion will be opened for each flash task force in the Hypothesis Assembly where participants can begin to work remotely.

⏱️ 24 Hours before the bootcamp

Each flash task force will be provided with supplementary documents and resources for the task force along with an etherpad/ MIRO board space where they can take notes and work on the platform. 



🔗 The Hypothesis Assembly: 

🔗 The Hypothesis Structure: 

🔗 Post your own hypothesis: 

Expected Output

  • Create a hypothesis proposal on the platform


Phase 2: Working with Data

Participants will be expected to use video chat/ discussion threads/ etherpad to discuss and collaborate on the analysis of their data. 

Expected Output
  • Update on Hypothesis assembly discussion thread of their progress for facilitators to be aware of their progress. 
  • Submit a survey at the end of day on concerns, ideas, and overall satisfaction of the first day of the event. 

Write your reflection on phase 2:


Update to your Task force’s discussion thread with your progress:


Maybe amend your hypothesis:


Phase 3: Data Visualization

Participants will have a blended (on/offline) facilitated workshop on creating a narrative and visualizing their data along with two hours to work within their task force to create an accessible visual narrative for their hypothesis and data analysis. 

Expected Output

Update on Hypothesis assembly discussion thread of their progress for facilitators to be aware of their progress, needs, concerns.


Write a summary of your data narrative and related images or documents of your data visualization(s):


Phase 4: Presenting outcomes

Participants will be given a Pitch Canvas to organize and develop their presentations. They will have one hour to think through how they would like to present their data narratives and what mediums would best suit what they have to say and to whom. After they finish preparing their presentations, each Task Force will have 15 minutes to present their pitch.

Expected Output
  • Hypothesis proposal amended with visualization. 
  • Presentation to Boot Camp participants of their outcomes and reflections. 

Update to your Task force’s discussion thread with your progress: