Gender Balance Bingo App


Women for Oceans, an organisation gathering women scientists campaigning for gender equality in conservation, developed a Gender Balance Bingo App

It has a positive card and a negative card...and it can be adapted to all sorts of events.

Thought you would have fun reading about it. Some snippets from their website:

About: Play #W4OBingo bingo to help challenge sexism and exclusion at conferences and meetings everywhere! Panel all male? Woman interrupted?
Lack of racial diversity? Moderator doesn't call on women in the audience with questions? BINGO! Share each event on social media with the conference hashtag to shine a spotlight on behaviours good and bad. There are two boards: one made up of positive events, the other negative. Don't forget to applaud progress!

This app has been created by Women4Oceans. How come? Because to save our oceans requires the best of everyone! All our voices need to be heard. #W4OBingo is designed to shed light on dismissive or inappropriate behaviours at conferences and elsewhere. We hope this tool will help level the playing field and lead to more productive outcomes at conferences. From climate change to overfishing and plastic pollution, there really is no time to waste when it comes to our blue planet! This Bingo app is not limited to ocean conferences and can be used across all sectors.

The app can be customised for all kings of events, as the hashtag can be changed.