Contra Chrome



Lee contra chrome en castellano

Leah Elliott is a comic artist and digital rights activist.

She loves pomegranates, poppyseed muffins and democracy.

When asked what Contra Chrome is about, she will answer: „It‘s about you. Seven of ten readers will reach this site using Google Chrome, which is a very different road than other browsers like e.g. Firefox.

In Contra Chrome, Leah carefully charts this road and its terrain in a funny and easily accessible way. In webcomic form, she documents how over the last decade, Google’s browser has become a threat to user privacy and the democratic process itself.

With her meticulous rearrangement of Scott McCloud‘s Google-commissioned Chrome comic from 2008, she delivers what she calls „a much-needed update“. Laying bare the inner workings of the controversial browser, she creates the ultimate guide to one of the world‘s most widely used surveillance tools:

Google Chrome, which – by design – is all about you.

“Was everything already foreshadowed in McCloud’s imagery? The googly eyes, the two-way mirrors: Should we have seen the signs?”

[Above: unaltered excerpt from Scott McCloud’s Google Chrome Comic]