#AntiGenderPolitics | How did the anti-gender movements erupt?


11.06.2020 - 20:02
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Sexuality Policy Watch has been working on this serie of videos.

Since 2013 we have seen the emergence and intensification of anti-gender offensives in Europe and Latin America. There was a clear influence of these forces in the Latin American region on the occasion of the referendum for peace in Colombia in 2016. In 2018, presidential candidates in Costa Rica and Brazil declared they would fight against "gender ideology". #AntiGenderPolitics is a series of videos produced by Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) that interviews a group of experts who are conducting a regional study across 10 countries, offering a #LatinAmerican overview of the processes, discourses and strategies of conservative groups dedicated to preventing any progress on gender and sexuality, while eroding democracy in a wider scale.

See videos here.