2008 Open Web Conference, Vancouver

The 2008 Open Web Conference is looking for speakers. I'm also interested in having ladies represent so if either of you can pass this on to women who might be interested in speaking, I'd be much obliged. The conference web site is http://www.openwebvancouver.ca/, and the call for speakers is below.

2008 Open Web Conference: Call for papers

The Vancouver PHP User Group is proud to announce the Vancouver Open Web Conference coming in April 2008. With this year's conference we have decided to broaden the focus from 'just PHP' to encompass what we call the 'Open Web', perhaps best defined by Brendan Eich as "open standards, open source, and a web whose major content formats are not controlled by a single vendor" [1].

The conference will have three tracks and take place over 2 days. We are looking for talk submissions for this conference on any number of topics that fit under the umbrella of the 'Open Web', including specific technologies, applications, solutions, communities and projects. Talk submissions will be chosen by the conference organizers based on relevance, innovation, how well they fit with other talks under consideration and of course, how compelling your talk submission is. Talks will be roughly 50 minutes long.

Server-side Technologies

Dynamic, Open source languages including Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby

Databases such as MySQL, SQLite, PostGreSQL

Linux, *BSD and other open source operating systems

Apache, Lighttpd, other web servers

Client-side technologies

JavaScript, jQuery, YUI, etc

Firefox, Webkit



Applications and Frameworks

Frameworks such as Rails, Django, Cake

CMS systems such as Drupal, Joomla, Plone and Bricolage

Services & Mashups

Google ( gmaps, gdata, opensocial )





Open Web Culture

Media and Creative commons

open source licensing

social networking ( Facebook, Opensocial, etc )

[1] Brendan Eich's blog: http://tinyurl.com/2doxzc --

Malcolm van Delst


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