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Women’sNet is a feminist organisation that works to advance gender equality and justice in South Africa through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). We provide training and facilitate content dissemination and creation that supports women, girls, and women’s and gender organisations and networks to take control of their own content and ICT use.

The "Women's ICT-Based Enterprise for Development" project is coordinated by the University of Manchester's Institute for Development Policy and Management.  The project is funded by the UK Department for International Development's Knowledge and Research programme.

This page aims to tell you three things:

In support of Ada Lovelace Day we are inviting all women who work in
media arts and net art to join the NetBehaviour email list for a week
between 23rd and 30th March.

We would like to know about your work and that of other women who have
inspired you in your own practice. So please come and squat the
NetBehaviour list for a week (of course we hope you'll stick around for


“Wiki-historias” convoca a artistas y mediadoras del ámbito vasco a escribir una historia del arte que las tenga en cuenta y reflexionar sobre el modo en que se crean las narraciones oficiales. Un wiki de edición colectiva y visitas a los fondos del Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao son algunas de las iniciativas puestas en marcha.

oletín 55 - Noviembre de 2008

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### 1. Comunidad de blogs de la CiberSociedad

The Weaver Birds

by the hackers

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You are welcome to join the new wheel spin of our history.

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