Onda Puerto Radio (Málaga, España) ha iniciado una campaña de recogida de firmas para instar a la Junta de Andalucía a que desbloquee la situación legal de las radios ciudadanas de Andalucía. Desde 2003, la Junta nos dice que no puede dar licencias a las radios sociales (de asociaciones de vecinos, juveniles, de colectivos culturales, etc.) porque el Gobierno no les daba licencias que ella pudiera asignar. En 2006, la Junta recibió del Gobierno un nuevo paquete de licencias, pero ha decidido destinarlas todas a emisoras comerciales.
23 d'abril de 2007:
Tenim alerta de desallotjament de Miles de Viviendas per a les cinc d'aquesta matinada. Convoquem una concentració de suport a les 4.30h d'aquesta nit i durant tot el matí. Hi haurà actuacions, música, esmorzar i molt més (anirem actualitzant la info).

Sembla ser que la nova estratègia de desallotjaments de l'Ajuntament és que aquests passin el més desapercebuts possible, que els surtin prou barats a aquells que els ordenen i es diuen d'esquerres i sensibles a l'okupació. Vine a visibilitzar l'intent de desallotjament, vine a parar-lo!

As announced, this page will host the April 28, 2007 Take Back the Blog! Blogswarm in support of the rights of women to participate fully in all aspects of our society, including specifically online in the world of blogging but indeed everywhere and at all times, day and night, without fear of harassment, intimidation, sexual harassment, online stalking and slander, predation or violence of any sort. This page will be modified without notice during the next several weeks to accommodate the incoming structure and content for this Blogswarm.

MANY MANY THANKS to Renee in Ohio for her vigorous early moral and promotional support of this effort and to her and her husband for their rapid design and distribution pro bono publico of the jaw-dropping logos that appear on this page for this blogswarm. Renee has indicated that the each logo is for free release, distribution and reproduction in connection with this effort, though I would ask that you give her and NOT Crablaw credit, because I could not have designed anything that cool in a whole month. I would ask that if you have large traffic, please save the logo to your own drive or link to my copies here, rather than to other blogs who may have more bandwidth limitations or expenses (I have beaucoup excess bandwidth to spare right now every month, no big deal no charge.) Please link specifically to this page


NEW: WHAT, EXACTLY, IS A BLOGSWARM? A blogswarm is an (hopefully) organized compilation of blog posts from a variety of bloggers on a given topic of urgent common interest. It is similar to a blog carnival except that the word "carnival" suggests, in the words of the incomparable Natalie Merchant, a place where you might stroll leisurely for pleasure down the street, "hypnotized, mesmerized." A blogswarm, on the other hand, is not a stroll, but a focused march for justice. Once reformatted as the April 28 date approaches, I will be organizing a table of authors and links along with perhaps some very brief comments or quotes from the submitted posts (or not, especially if volume is as high as the page's traffic in the last few dats seems to suggest!) The goal is both to provide a convenient compilation of (undoubtedly excellent) content for readers' benefit and to make a show of strength and organization within the blogosphere for the topic of concern, albeit from submitters with different perspectives on the topic of common concern.

NEW: HOW TO SUBMIT POSTS to the Take Back the Blog! Blogswarm. I have set up a new email address at solely to receive links for TBTB. Some non-blogger readers have inquired as to how to submit if they don't have a blog, but want to contribute. I would be happy to set up a Crablaw page here and link to it, but I would rather link to outside sources. Let me know, though, and I will try to be as helpful as I can. The "cut-off" time would be 7 PM on Saturday, April 28, but if this cut-off time poses a sticky issue for anyone, please let me know. I chose 7 PM because my kids go to sleep around 6:45 and I will want to get to work then, though if readers submit their content early, I can start work early. Submitting early is GREAT; if you are raring to go as they say, feel free to submit today or whenever convenient. I won't publish until the 28th but this page will have some changes happening between now and then.

UPDATE: MANY THANKS to Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise, Jill Filopovic of Feministe and Jessica Valenti of Feministing for their generous support and promotion of this project. Many thanks to the multiple readers who have alerted me to Take Back the Tech, an effort within the tech industry with very similar goals to those of this blogswarm. To ALL other bloggers and supporters of this project whom I may forget or delay to thank for your promotional efforts, particularly since my long-hours day job does not allow personal Internet use, THANK YOU in advance and ongoing! My failure to link to you here does NOT mean I don't appreciate the links, only that news of this blogswarm seems to be spreading fast (which is great!)

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The management committee of the Feminist Library is calling an emergency meeting on Saturday 24th February 2007 to decide on whether to close the library for good. This meeting is a last ditch attempt to rally feminists to support our library and, if we are not able to come up with a solution, to discuss finding another suitable home for the collection. Those of you who have not been in touch for a while might like to know that the collection now also includes 75 boxes of material that was the Women's Health Library that we rescued from being thrown in a skip over the summer.

¡Conectadas por una red libre de violencia!

Transformemos el uso de la tecnología: nuevas tecnologías de la información y la comunicación (TIC) para terminar con la violencia contra las mujeres

Esta campaña es necesaria para concretar la contribución de las mujeres al desarrollo de las tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación, así como espacios y derechos para definir, utilizar y conformar el uso de las TIC libremente, sin acosos ni amenazas a su seguridad.

New platform to bring together the voices of women scientists across Europe

[Date: 2006-03-08]