una investigació que sorgeix del desig d'elucidar certes preguntes per tal de transformar la recerca en una reserva de coneixements útils per a les persones preocupades per les desigualtats entre gèneres i, també, per les persones orientades a la transformació social i política

un espai per repensar la tecnologia i les seves representacions, la seva vinculació amb el cos i les subjectivitats i la seva relació amb les noves formes de producció, de treball, d'afectes, identitats, coneixements, desitjos, sentiments, accions...

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El programa de televisió de Horitzó TV serà aquest  Divendres, dia 23 de febrer, de 18 a 19h a La Capella (C/ Hospital).
Programa TV: Com t'ho muntes amb la tecnologia? Us hi esperem amb les vostres històries i artefactes! Programa i més info a HoritzoTV

Hi haurà: dones de Ràdio Paca, Okupem les Ones, Riereta, Redactiva, Telenoika...

El proyecto Bricolaje sexual gira alrededor de tres ejes:
las manualidades como forma contemporanea y contundente de expresión y de creación; las nuevas tecnologías y el acercamiento sin miedo al mundo electrónico y la sexualidad femenina, el secreto mejor guardado de la mujer vestida.

Hotspot Twinklers, 2004

The Hotspot Twinklers consist of a pair of modified Radio Frequency sensors, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and a pair of fancy shoes. When the Hotspot Twinklers are worn in the vicinity of wireless Internet and mobile phone activity the LEDs *twinkle*.
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Present Activities

Every first monday of the month the Genderchangers hold an "open doors" from 14:00 - 18:00 in De Peper cafe in Amsterdam. In March we will take a look at E-mail. From web-based to clients like Thunderbird and Evolution. Everyone will get a test account and learn how to set it up op different operating systems. You don't need any high-tech skills to be able to follow this workshop.

See you there.

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Interactive Technology and Open Creation
Independent Communication & Art

A technological artefact is not only a set of components of hardware and software: it
is a fascinating element; a social catalyst; an agent of communication; an open box
of narrative; a laboratory – not for the use and application of measuring instruments
but of visibilities and invisibilities.

The management committee of the Feminist Library is calling an emergency meeting on Saturday 24th February 2007 to decide on whether to close the library for good. This meeting is a last ditch attempt to rally feminists to support our library and, if we are not able to come up with a solution, to discuss finding another suitable home for the collection. Those of you who have not been in touch for a while might like to know that the collection now also includes 75 boxes of material that was the Women's Health Library that we rescued from being thrown in a skip over the summer.

Colloque International: Le genre au cœur de la mondialisation
21, 22, 23 mars 2007
Carré des Sciences
Ministère de la Recherche
1, rue Descartes - 75005 Paris

Del 1 al 4 de marzo 2007