una investigació que sorgeix del desig d'elucidar certes preguntes per tal de transformar la recerca en una reserva de coneixements útils per a les persones preocupades per les desigualtats entre gèneres i, també, per les persones orientades a la transformació social i política

un espai per repensar la tecnologia i les seves representacions, la seva vinculació amb el cos i les subjectivitats i la seva relació amb les noves formes de producció, de treball, d'afectes, identitats, coneixements, desitjos, sentiments, accions...

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atNav is the result of a collaboration between Amnesty International, Benetech, and The Engine Room which began in late 2015 culminating in an intense four day writing sprint facilitated by Chris Michael and

The IFF is entirely made by you, and now is the time to start giving
shape to the next year's program. Think big, be innovative, be creative!

Among other improvements, this year we have some new formats to choose
from for your sessions, including *off-site sessions* and the
opportunity to *create your own format*.

"Collecting and storing data is never a neutral act, and neither are data analysis or predictive modelling"

This is the first manual to look at security from a holistic
perspective, which integrates self-care and well-being into traditional
security management practices.

The project has been developed over the course of three years and was
done in collaboration with a large community of security trainers,
facilitators, human rights defenders and practitioners without whose
incredible support this project would not have been possible.

Our aim is to have a physical space to chill out, debate, break stuff, learn new tricks, de-learn norms and contribute to the ongoing struggle against the white supremacist capitalist cis-heteronormative patriarchy, with a cup of tea.

We've put together some potential workshop & discussion ideas to boost our enthusiasm.

Important: This is an event for trans people, queer people and women only!

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*THF! 2016Third TransHackFeminist- Meet-up*

*August 18-22, 2016*

*Tio’tia:ke (a.k.a Montreal)unceeded Kanien’keha:ka* (Mohawk) territory *