Trobada, festi, conferencies...

Hello friends,

We are very excited to share with you a collaborative event that APC is
planning with Mamacash, CREA, FRIDA, UAF, Astraea and AWID.

The convening is to unpack and to understand how has the internet
affected feminist movement building - what are some of the new dynamics,
actors, ways of organising, as well as challenges. And also to have a
very specific track on unboxing and hacking digital security from a
feminist movement building framework, so that we can locate this work
for stronger and more resilient networked activism.

Unes jornades que pinten molt bé, en un entorn rural xulíssim, per si a alguna li interessa:

#MetaDecidim. Los días 25 y 26 de Noviembre tendrán lugar unas jornadas abiertas para diseñar colaborativamente el, la infraestructura de código libre y abierto para la democracia participativa en Barcelona. Estáis todas invitadas, pero no cabemos más de 200 personas y hay que apuntarse:

The IFF is entirely made by you, and now is the time to start giving
shape to the next year's program. Think big, be innovative, be creative!

Among other improvements, this year we have some new formats to choose
from for your sessions, including *off-site sessions* and the
opportunity to *create your own format*.

Our aim is to have a physical space to chill out, debate, break stuff, learn new tricks, de-learn norms and contribute to the ongoing struggle against the white supremacist capitalist cis-heteronormative patriarchy, with a cup of tea.

We've put together some potential workshop & discussion ideas to boost our enthusiasm.

Important: This is an event for trans people, queer people and women only!

More information:

Le francais suit
Espagnol sigue

*THF! 2016Third TransHackFeminist- Meet-up*

*August 18-22, 2016*

*Tio’tia:ke (a.k.a Montreal)unceeded Kanien’keha:ka* (Mohawk) territory *